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Quality and Inclusive Learning for ALL children around the world      

For the first time there is a network where inclusion practitioners from around the world can now learn, share and connect with each other.

The IFIP Hub and phone app provide a place where you can find the latest in inclusion resources, events, training and the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new friends. 


The IFIP promotes advocacy; where we can learn from and support each other. 

Our values include: support – empathy - belonging


"If you have anything to do with Inclusion then I invite you to join the IFIP hub now and be part of the change!"

Daniel Sobel, Founder IFIP


In support of UNESCO's education strategy the IFIP are proud to be launching in 2022 the


GITI is a world-class, ground-breaking, programme of training for teachers in differentiation so they can effectively meet the needs of ALL children in the classroom in a truly inclusive way. The Initiative is relevant in every country; culturally sensitive to the diversity of the world’s children; and accessible to all learners. 

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Benefits of Joining the IFIP

There are many benefits of joining the IFIP Hub including:

• Connecting with a network of like-minded professionals online and via a phone app
• Joining online regional and technical forums 
•Access training about Educational Technology to support inclusion 
• Learning about re- and up-skilling opportunities in inclusive education
(in particular related to Education Technology)

• Access to hundreds of inclusion resources; videos, teaching tools, research 
• Opportunity to join and take part in projects and initiatives
• Events, workshops, webinars, lectures
• Accredited training courses, Masters in Inclusive Educational Leadership
• Impacting through consulting on policies of inclusive education globally

Come and join us today!

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